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Traditional braces use small brackets affixed to your teeth that hold thin wires in place. The wires are adjusted over time, in small increments, to gently guide your teeth into the ideal alignment in your mouth. When they’re first inserted, you’ll feel some discomfort as your teeth and mouth adjust. You’ll also need to get used to eating with the brackets and wires. 

Caring For Your Braces

Having braces means you will have to brush your teeth more, in order to keep the brackets and wires clean and prevent plaque and tartar buildup. The added surface area of metal braces gives plaque more areas to build up on, especially when food gets stuck in the metal. When you have braces, you should brush your teeth twice as much, up to 4 or 5 times a day.

You’ll also have to modify what you eat. Hard foods should be avoided because they can break brackets off the teeth or snap the thin wires. You can get around this with a few tricks. Harder fruits like apples and peaches can still be eaten if you cut them into small pieces. Nuts can be ground up and added to cereals and yogurt. Finally, avoid chewing on ice.

Sticky foods are also to be eaten with care. Avoid gum and any similar candies at all times, as they can stick to braces and loosen the wires and brackets. Other candies can be eaten with care. Suck on them instead of chewing, and rinse your mouth out after to avoid the sugar buildup.

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